Holiday Apartments in Berlin

Berlin is one of Europe’s most dynamic and fascinating cities. Steeped in history, with world-famous night life: perfect for a city break.

View down Unter Den Linden of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Explore Berlin

Sitting in the very east of Germany, not far from the Polish border, Berlin’s unique character has been formed by its central role in modern history. Virtually destroyed by bombíng in WW2, the Berlin Wall then divided the city for nearly 30 years. Although the Wall was opened in 1989, the city has no true centre, and each district retains an individual feel.

Berlin: A City Of History

Berlin wears its incredible history on its sleeve, and those with an interest in the city’s chequered past will be spoilt for choice. The DDR Museum offers some fun insights into how everyday folk lived in East Berlin, and even has an original Trabant car to sit in. For a more chilling look at the regime, we recommend a tour of the Stasi Prison, where many citizens “disappeared” during the GDR’s 40 year reign. WW2 history buffs will enjoy the Allied Museum, while the Holocaust Memorial is an absolute must-see, from both a historical perspective, and as a piece of public art. For something entirely different, head to Tempelhof Airport. Closed in 2008, it is now a much-loved public space. During the 1948 Soviet Blockade, Allied planes landed 200,000 times with essential goods to save West Berlin, and walking those same runways is a special thrill.

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