Endless queues, bumpy rides and squashed seats. Travelling can be a stressful experience for anyone. Long journeys disrupt our sleep pattern and leave us feeling stressed, disorientated and exhausted. Even the shortest of trips can often descend into a nightmare of packing dilemmas and family feuds. So it’s no wonder people shy away from travelling with babies. It can be particularly daunting for new parents. It takes time to get the hang of having a new addition to the family.

But travelling can be an incredibly enriching experience for young children. An astonishing 75% of brain development occurs within the first three years. This is when the neural pathways are established. It is this vital stage that lays the foundations of a child’s interpersonal skills and ability to learn. Every experience a child undergoes, whether it’s the shake of a rattle or the sight of trees whizzing past a car window, stimulates the brain. It teaches them about the world around them. It develops their cognitive ability to dissect, analyse and respond to information.

The benefits don’t end there. Children who travel discover different landscapes, hear unfamiliar sounds and languages and immerse themselves in other cultures. They will learn that there are places other than the small portion of the world they have so far occupied. Travelling also strengthens family bonds, as you revel in the good- and endure the bad- experiences together.

Additionally, regular trips with your children will help them to become better travellers. Especially as they get more familiar and comfortable with the process. So start them early and don’t shy away from travelling with babies. They might not remember playing in the waves in the south of France, or just how good that ice cream in Barcelona tasted,  but they will most definitely gain vital life experience from the process.

Travelling with a Baby

With that in mind, it would be a shame to stay at home for fear of leaving the house with youngsters. To help you on your way to holiday bliss, we’ve compiled an infographic with some tips for travelling with babies. Whether it’s by plane, car or boat, we’ll get you and your little ones there in one piece and ready for the holiday of a lifetime.

Now all you need to do is sort out your accommodation.

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