In this infographic, we have selected different types of free-body exercises for home workouts and separated them by appropriate room. Increasing muscle mass, toning your muscles or slimming at home is possible. You just need to be well motivated to achieve your goals by seizing every opportunity to do a little exercise.

In the image below, you will find descriptions and details of the exercises, in addition to our top tips. We hope that you enjoy using this sporty infographic, which can be shared by copying the link at the bottom. Have a great workout!

Who said you need a gym membership to work out and get fit?

The motives that drive a lot of people to practice bodyweight exercises at home can be varied. Whether it’s long work hours, the responsibility of taking care of children, a love of nature and the open air or the lack of a gym in the immediate vicinity of work or home. A regular workout with a home-based exercise planner is the key to physical fitness. Many fitness enthusiasts practice home workouts to lose weight or increase muscle mass.

Often when it comes to doing a workout, we find ourselves procrastinating like there is no tomorrow. Now, with summer at the door and swimsuit season in full swing, getting back in shape needn’t be difficult with these top tips for bodyweight exercises. They’re so accessible that you can even workout in the apartment while on holiday.

exercises at home

What are the benefits of training at home?


Exercises within the home are simple and can involve many objects: the sofa in the living room, the bed, the shower in the bathroom and even the kitchen table! The most important tool that you will make use of is your own body.


The fact is that gym memberships cost money, and often you have to sign up for a 12 month period, which means that over time the sums really do add up. Of course, working out at home comes with a much smaller price tag – even if you buy a handful of workout aides – meaning that you can set money aside for something more enjoyable, like that dream holiday.


Do you feel self-conscious working out in front of other people? In the privacy of your home, you can relax and focus exclusively on your workout rather than on how to look into the eyes of others. You can even train in your underwear!

Family fun

A great way to kill two birds with one stone when taking care of the kids is to get them involved in your workout routine. Have fun with them, make them laugh and make sure you do the best during exercises.

Exercises to lose weight or tone

There is no universal plan for home workouts because each person has a different body, different needs and different goals. A slimming or toning workout routine should really entail between 45 and 90 minutes of exercise per day, although this is strictly dependent on the yourself and the goals that you want to reach.

Opting to train every day in order to lose weight or to increase muscle mass is definitely a good choice. If you do work out every day, it’s important to alternate the training regime by dividing workouts into muscle groups (arms; shoulders and chest; legs and bum; back and abs). You should rest each muscle group for at least 48 hours before working on it again, as this is the optimum down time for muscle growth. Another aspect to consider is that you should try to have a good sleep cycle of at least eight hours a night, because during sleep the muscles regenerate and develop.

It doesn’t end here though. For the optimum results from a good workout, you should accompany your regime with healthy nutrition. Exercising without managing calorie intake can lead to limited results. The secret to staying slim in terms of diet is eating little but often, at least five or six times a day, with a two to three hour interval between each meal. Diets should be high in fresh fruits and vegetables, with lean white meats and fish.


Try to avoid skipping breakfast whenever possible. Considered by many to be the most important meal of the day, breakfast fuels both the mind and the body as we set about our daily tasks. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon you can have a snack in the form of fruit, protein bars or nuts: try to focus more on high-protein options with a considerable nutritional profile, rather than the empty calories of sweets and cakes.


Choosing the right beverages is also important for maintaining a healthy body weight. Steer clear of sugar-laden sodas and juices. Experts recommend drinking around two litres of water a day, in order to maintain healthy skin, hair and a healthy body weight.

For beginners, it’s better to begin training two or three times a week. Over time you can increase your schedule to train up to six days per week, always alternating muscle groups.

In this infographic we have selected different types of free-body exercises to train at home and have divided them by room. Increasing muscle mass, toning your muscles or slimming at home is possible, provided that you remain well motivated and determined to achieve your goals and seize every good opportunity to do a bit of exercise.

Training in the Kitchen

Squat against the wall

Squats are the best exercise to strengthen your legs and buttocks. How do you do them? Place your back on the wall and, slowly, go down until your thighs and calves form a 90 degree angle. The lumbar region and the upper part of the back should always be straight and against the wall.

Standing calf

Looking to develop steel calves? Any moment in the kitchen could be just right for developing those calf muscles – whether you’re standing at the sink washing the dishes or at the stove cooking a delicious meal. All you have to do is stiffen your leg muscles, raise your heels so that you’re on your tiptoes and then release down. Do this in a slow and controlled movement, and repeat the motion. This exercise can be performed with both feet or on one foot only to increase the weight being worked by each calf muscle.

Arms on the counter 

Waiting while something cooks in the oven? A well-fitted kitchen counter provides the perfect solid support for push-ups. How to do it? Place your hands on the counter shoulder-width apart, with your feet and back in the plank position. Slowly lower your chest to your hands and then push back up, repeating the motion until dinner is ready. This exercise trains the whole body.

Training in the Bathroom

Wall flexing for pectoral stretching

Wall flexing is one of the simplest stretching exercises to be done in the shower. How to do it? Lean on the corner of the cabin, place your arms on the two walls and push your chest until you feel the stretch in your pectoral muscles. Hold the position for about 10 seconds, then rest and repeat.

Plank sliding

Plank sliding is great for your abdominal muscles, and will help you to achieve that must-have beach body. How to do it? Take a rolled towel and make the plank position while resting your feet on the towel. Hold your stomach in to strain your abdomen and bring your knees forward to a ground-to-toe to 90 degree angle with your back. Press on the heels and finish the plank position pushing your feet back.

Stretching for the arms

To stretch and train triceps, the bathroom is an ideal environment. How do you do this? Sit on the edge of the bathtub or toilet while keeping the back in an upright position, then grasp a detergent bottle with both hands and lift it over your head. Keeping your arms rigid, lower your forearms backwards until you almost touch your back.

Training in the Living Room

Plank for abdominal iron

The plank position is an effective exercise to train abdominal muscles, and can be done whenever you have a spare moments – such as during the adverts while watching your favourite show. How do you do this? Relax on the floor in plank position, resting your weight on your forearms and toes, keeping the abdominal muscles tense. Do this for the duration of the commercials, or for as long as you can.

Single leg squats

The sofa can also be used for exercise. Instead of lying down to watch television you can use the sofa to strengthen your leg muscles. How can you do this? Stand in front of the sofa with your legs shoulder width apart, then place the arch of your left foot on the sofa and bend your left knee to the ground. Keep your back straight while doing this and if you want to increase the difficulty then cross your hands behind your back. Switch legs after several repetitions. Meanwhile you can even watch television!

Reverse Crunch

Even the living room rug can be re-purposed for your exercise regime, and can be used as an exercise mat to do abdominal crunches. How do you do them? Lie flat on the ground with your hands beneath your buttocks to keep the lumbar region pressed to the ground during the duration of the exercise. Exhale as you bend your legs and bring your knees forward until they touch your forehead, and inhale as you return them to the starting position.

Training in the Bedroom

90 degree slides

A great exercise that’s proven to train the buttocks is the 90 degree slide. How do you do them? Get into position on the floor on all fours, and lift one leg backwards, keeping the knee bent at a 90 degree angle. The back should remain straight, the abdomen tensed and the foot locked into position.

High Five

This exercise is perfect for coordination and to strengthen all the muscles. How can you do it? Lay on the bed, and raise the left foot and touch it with the right hand, then alternate. Repeat the exercise several times.

Mountain climbers

Are you looking for sculpted abdominal muscles? The mountain climber is one of the most targeted abdominal exercises. How do you do it? Start in the plank position on the bed, then quickly bring the left knee up to touch the left elbow, then push it back while bringing the right knee forward. The hips should be kept low and the back should form a straight line with the legs.

Training on the Terrace

Jumping jack

This is a great exercise to do at home to tone and warm your body and can also be performed in very narrow spaces. How do you do jumping jacks? It’s quite simple: start with your feet together and your hands pointing towards the ground. Jump and bring your feet shoulder width apart and raise your arms above your head, then jump again to return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise until you feel the burn.

Tricep pullover

Tricep pullovers will work the triceps to give you perfect arm definition. To do them all you need to do is stretch out on a sun lounger with your feet either side. If you don’t have any free weights, any heavy object will do. Hold the weight in both hands and bring it over your head, then slowly lower it behind your head by straining back and triceps before returning to the starting position.


To do a burpee, you need to start in the squat position and then kick your legs back. Next, return to the squat position and jump with your hands above your head in the jumping jack position. Repeat the motion several times until fatigued.

Keep fit while cheerfully discovering the world

Fitness at home can be fun, and those who exercise regularly will be able to see long-term success. Knowing several bodyweight exercises provides the options of working out in holiday accommodation all across the world. Whether in an apartment in the city, a holiday home by the sea or a villa on a tropical island: this fitness program can be completed everywhere. On our platform, you will find top accommodation for every taste and budget, in which you can keep fit during your holiday!