Announcing the successful applicant!

The Wimdu Scholarship Programme In June 2014 Wimdu launched it’s Wimdu Scholarship Programme, a scholarship aimed at marketing students studying at universities throughout Spain. The Wimdu Scholarship programme is designed to recognise the skills that are fundamental to a successful marketing campaign in a fast-paced, global economy.  The programme awards a scholarship to assist a promising student interested in pursuing a career in business management and marketing related fields. Wimdu’s scholarship committee recently met to discuss the applications that have been sent in from students across Spain. In these applications students were asked to right a synopsis of how, given the right tools, they would further the Wimdu brand in Spain.  After careful deliberation an entry was selected from the many applications we received. juan manuel

Congratulations to Juan Manuel!

Juan Manuel is a 23-year-old resident of Malaga.  He is studying Marketing and Market Research at the University of Málaga and has a keen interest in innovation and the process of turning initial ideas for companies into concrete business strategies.  In his own words:  ‘I think that the field of marketing is in constant evolution and development which gives creative people the freedom to step out on their own and develop new and innovative ways of achieving goals.  I devote my free time to develop my skills as an entrepreneur in a student organisation at my university

“With the scholarship programme we hope to foster links with some of Spain’s brightest and most promising marketing and business students”, said Shahid Awan, Wimdu’s Marketing Manager and Scholarship Committee chair.  ”It seemed like the perfect opportunity to pick the brains of some of the brightest students whilst offering them the chance gain useful contacts at one of the biggest travel companies currently challenging the hotel industry’s dominance”.

Arne Bleckwenn, Wimdu GmbH CEO: ”Wimdu GmbH continues to play a key role in shaping the future of the global travel industry. The Wimdu scholarship will help and encourage Business Management and Marketing students to bridge the gap between university and graduate employment”. Shahid added: “We were amazed by the quality of applications we had this year and the winners faced some great competition for the award. However, Juan Manuel produced a very professional and excellently argued application and it was unanimously decided that he deserved the award this year.  For those who just missed out we also look forward to them applying for our next scholarship in 2015″.