Berlin’s nightlife is rightly famous all over the world – but choosing where to spend your weekend in Berlin can be difficult.

We’ve taken the city’s S-Bahn and U-Bahn map (that’s the city’s above ground and underground train networks), and chosen Berlin clubs near most stations within Zone A, from Kreuzberg to Wedding and Friedrichshain to Schöneberg, and then split them by music type: House/R&B/Hip Hop; Techno/Electro; Indie/Alternative/Rock; Jazz/Swing; Latin.

Find a club in your district

From globally-renowned venues like Berghain to Berlin stalwarts such as Kosmonaut and Bohnengold, we’ve tried to include something for everyone – but it was certainly difficult narrowing it down.

For more detailed information on some specific venues including Tresor and Club der Visionäre you can also take a look at our guide to five essential Berlin clubs to help you decide where to go out in Berlin.

If you’re visiting Berlin for the weekend and looking for where to party in Berlin, this map will be a lifesaver – and if you’re a seasoned local we’re sure you’ll have a strong opinion on what we’ve left out!

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Map of Berlin’s Clubs by U Bahn station

Here’s the full list, alphabetically listed by club:

List of Berlin clubs by station

Here’s the full infographic. If you want to embed it into your website, please scroll down and cut and paste the code.

Full infographic showing list of Berlin clubs by U Bahn station

Header image courtesy of James Dennes via FlickrCC

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