Boats, Vespas and Autolibs’: Transport in Paris

There are a myriad of transport options that enable the visitor to explore the City of Light in its entirety. While much of Paris’s famed beauty is found in her walkable central arrondissements – best appreciated, intimately, on foot – bicycles, boats, car rental, scooters and Segways are available to those who want to explore…

Bicycles on an Amsterdam bridge

How to Cycle like a Local in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s cycling statistics are impressive. Over 75% of Amsterdammers own at least one bike (totalling an incredible 880,000 bikes in a city of 780,000 people); around half the journeys in the city are made by bike, and those add up to a daily total of about 2 million km! Cycling really is a way of…

Barceloneta Beach

You know you are in Barcelona when….

Sun, sea and tasty tapas – but how else do you know when you are in Barcelona? ….one person is responsible for many of the main attractions Anybody who finds themselves in Barcelona are sure to be awed by the stunning architecture which surrounds them. It is the only city to have received a Royal…

Craft Beer

The Top 5 European Capitals for Getting Your Craft Beer Fix

Craft beer is a big hit in the USA, and the trend towards artisan beer has also started to shake up Europe’s beer market. More and more microbreweries are popping up all over Europe, crafting delicious and innovative concoctions. Do you want to know which European cities are brewing up a storm right now? Check…

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7 Delicacies from the 7 Hills of Rome

The ‘City of Seven Hills’ is famed for its gastronomic imprint. The fertile slopes that surround Rome breathe simplicity into the city’s food. The trattorias and osterias of Rome flourished as the city’s population grew, with the populous utilising them as the living rooms and dining rooms that their cramped living quarters could not provide….