Holiday Apartments in Budapest

Magnificent, exotic, exhilarating. The Hungarian capital of Budapest is fast becoming the new “It” destination within Europe.

Széchenyi Baths in Budapest

Explore Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city that packs a powerful punch. From astonishing architecture to trendy bars, Roman baths to luxury pools, the city is becoming more and more fashionable. Get up close and personal with Budapest’s rich history by exploring the bullet holes in the buildings or climb to the top of the Cathedral to take in some amazing views.

Budapest: The Neoclassical and Baroque Nest

For those interested in architecture, Budapest is a treasure trove of historic buildings and inspiring design. Though most of the city was built, or at least revamped and renovated, during the Golden Age of the 19th Century, it is well known for its mix of architectural styles from a range of distinct periods: Roman, Romantic and Modern. Main attractions include the Great Synagogue, the largest Jewish house of worship outside of New York, featuring Romantic and Moorish elements; the Veli Beji Roman Baths, considered to be one of the most beautiful Ottoman-era Baths in Europe; the modern Palace of Arts Concert Hall, opened as recently as 2005 and both the Hungarian National Museum and the Lutheran Church of Budavar: both exquisite examples of the influence of the Neoclassical period.

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