Holiday Apartments in Istanbul

Chaotic, exotic, dramatic. Turkey’s capital is famous for its important historic buildings, incredible shopping, and scorching heat.

The Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul

Explore Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most charming and intriguing cities in the modern world, literally straddling the line between Europe and Asia. It is a unique blend of Eastern orientalism and modern Western lifestyles; a city of contrasts, where ancient religious beliefs sit side-by-side with a bustling 21st century city.

Always an Adventure in Istanbul

Although many venture to Istanbul for the electric atmosphere and vibrant city vibe more than anything else, there are several must-sees while you are here. The Blue Mosque is Istanbul’s biggest and most impressive religious sites. The mosque has five minarets and is the biggest of all the mosques built during the Ottoman Empire. The interior is breathtaking. Tens of thousands of tiles line the walls and ceilings. The Galata Tower is another iconic Istanbul building, originally built to spot fires in 1348 AD. Don’t miss a trip to the Hagia Sofia, regarded as one of the finest cathedrals in the world. Formerly an Eastern Orthodox basilica, the building then became a mosque and currently it is used as a museum. Both Christianity and Islam have left their mark on the place and the walls paved with 30,000 gold tiles are an incredible sight.

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