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Capital of Italy, epicentre of the ancient world, architectural grandeur on an epic scale. Rome is like no other city on earth.

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Rome has long been known as the ‘Eternal City’ as it was thought that no matter how many empires rose and fell, Rome would always remain standing. And remain standing it has - remarkably well. With ancient Roman sites at every turn, the city is a living breathing history lesson in the most exciting sense.

Majestic, Magnificent Rome

The monuments are fantastically well preserved; the piazzas are wide and sweeping, and the social scene is as alive and kicking as it was over 2000 years ago. The city certainly wears its heart on its sleeve. You need only wander the hot dusty streets to discover the best of it. A ‘Roma Pass’ will give you entry to two historical sights of your choice and discounts on other attractions. Which two should you choose? The Temple of the Pantheon, an early Roman temple dedicated to the Gods of Ancient times, is one of Rome’s best preserved ancient buildings, dating to around AD 120 and The Colosseum is an excellent example of the genius of Roman engineering. It was here that brutal battles, chariot races and gladiators entertained crowds of up to 50,000 people. Head to the Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi for a spectacular overview over the city.

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