Holiday Apartments in Venice

Lose yourself in the city’s maze of water canals and majestic buildings. Unique and romantic, Venice is a living artwork.

Venetian canal and bridge

Explore Venice

Venice sits on an archipelago of 118 islands and it was originally chosen as a good place for a settlement because those living there were trying to escape a barbaric invasion. Walking around the city is a fascinating experience, especially armed with the knowledge that it was built on a marshy lagoon using mainly wooden planks.

Architecture, Culture and Romance

Venice has 117 canals and an impressive 400 bridges, three of which have been around since the city’s humble beginnings in the mid-400s. Just taking a stroll down the alleyways will give you a good feel of the city. Start your Venice adventure at the peaceful Burano Island, which has impressive architecture and houses painted in a patchwork of different colours. St Mark’s Square, Venice’s most impressive and beautiful plaza, is a must see. Enjoy a coffee at one of the plaza’s many cafes, and soak up the sea views. St Mark's Basilica, also located in the square, is an incredible feat of architecture. There are three museums located in the building - take the opportunity to go to the roof of the building for more impressive views. Next door to St Mark’s Basilica is the Doge’s Palace, a beautiful gothic palace originating from the 1300’s and filled with artwork.

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