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55 Great Things to Do in Madrid with Kids

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For those who plan to visit Madrid with children and don’t know what to see or do in the city, we have collected 55 of the best activities, attractions and fun ideas suitable for spending the weekend in Madrid with kids. We have also created a map with each of the proposed plans, to make it easier to organize. In the upper left corner of the map, you will find a white box and the list of 55 great things to do in Madrid with kids. Clicking on the name of the attraction will open a box showing the location and the website where you can find the timetables, prices and other information.

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Museums, theatres, musicals and family shows for children in Madrid

  1. Madrid Wax Museum

Here the children will have the opportunity to take pictures with their favourite super heroes or, if they are interested in sport, they will be able to see stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Rafael Nadal.

Spiderman Madrid Wax Museum. Picture from tunguska via FlickrCC

  1. National Museum of Natural Sciences

It is always a good idea to visit this museum where the kids enjoy learning more about nature. Both children and parents will love to see the dinosaurs or the skeleton of a whale that’s more than 20 metres long.

Dinosaurs at the National Museum of Natural Sciences. Photography José María Mateos via FlickrCC

  1. Naval Museum of Madrid

This museum has a very large collection of more than 10,000 pieces, including personal objects of illustrious sailors, weapons and models of famous ships.

Ship of the XVIII century. Picture by pegatina1 via FlickrCC

  1. Madrid Railway Museum

The Railway Museum offers us the possibility to travel in time and discover the world of steam locomotives. They have 10 models of old trains that will remind you of films about the far West.

Steam locomotive (North British, Great Britain, 1907). Photograph by Barcex via FlickrCC

  1. Madrid Air Museum

The Spanish Air Force gives us the opportunity to visit seven hangars and an exterior exhibition, with planes such as Flyer I (exact replica), which made the first motorised flight in history, in 1903.

Airplane Boeing KC-97L Stratotanker exhibited at the Air Museum, Cuatro Vientos, Madrid. Photograph by Barcex via FlickrCC

  1. Thyssen Museum

This museum has one of the most impressive and complete art collections in the world. Among the activities on offer, you will find a workshop for families at a cost of eight euros per person, in which the children are taught the collection in a fun and interactive way through different games that allow them to experiment with their creative side. There is no better place to be inspired.

Modern art in the Thyssen. Photograph by Francisco Anzola via FlickrCC

  1. Museo del Prado

In addition to receiving school visits throughout the year, the largest gallery in the world offers families an individual tour with a set of tracks. Children are given stickers that guide them and help them to look at details of the most important works. These materials can be obtained at the museum, which is free every day from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Sundays and holidays, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm).

Prado Museum. Photo by Instant2010 via FlickrCC

  1. Matadero de Madrid

The increasingly popular Matadero de Madrid offers a lot of activities to enjoy with your family. In addition to showing a wide range of works, they allow interactive learning with audience participation, so children can be very creative. They offer games, activities, children’s reading workshops, presentations for children and adolescents and much more. Its location by the river makes it a very attractive place, especially in good weather.

Fire, in Matadero of Madrid. Photograph by @ondasderuido via FLickrCC

  1. Reina Sofía Museum

The museum of contemporary art in Madrid has several guides in its rooms, with information for children. The visit is free from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (from 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm on Sundays). In addition, there are many workshops in which artists and art specialists interact with youngsters to bring them closer to the creative processes. This museum is perfect for children to get in touch with the latest art and interpret it in a way that only they can do: without prejudice.

National Museum Reina Sofía Art Center. Photograph by jon crel via FlickrCC

  1. Madrid’s CaixaForum

This incredible art space always features exhibitions and innovative activities. They have an educational program with school visits from Monday to Friday and activity plans for children and families at the weekends. They offer games, cinema, theatre and music, but almost always with limited capacity, so book in advance. In addition, the wonderful vertical garden and the architecture that seems to float will enchant you.

CaixaForum of Madrid. Photograph by Edmund Gall via FLickrCC

  1. Madrid Planetarium

The Planetarium offers multi media films made with 100 projectors that fill the entire dome of the main room with light, creating panoramic effects with 50 other special effects projectors that simulate the Solar System. And if this is not enough, you can enjoy the optical planetarium and the observatory tower, which will leave the little ones in awe.

Planetary of Madrid. Photograph by jgbarah via FlickrCC

  1. Santiago Bernabeu Tour

Real Madrid offers complete tours of their stadium, which will allow you to enter the players’ locker room, go to the box or even go to the press room.

Tour of Santiago Bernabeu. Photograph by LWYang via FlickrCC

  1. Cuarta Pared

The theatre room Cuarta Pared offers a wide variety of family shows with the help of national and international companies, with which children can enjoy dance, circus, music and theatre.

Theater Cuarta Pared – camp for children

  1. La Escalera de Jacob

This artistic space is located in the district of Lavapiés and offers theatre and magic for toddlers and children. For the parents, there are also things to enjoy, so the whole family can have fun at this amazing theatre.

Theatre La Escalera de Jacob

  1. Teatro del Arte

Another theatre located in the area of Lavapiés is the Teatro del Arte, an alternative venue with children’s theatre on weekends.

Masks of animals. Photograph by Douglas R Witt via FLickrCC

  1. Plot Point

Plot Point is committed to being innovative and unconventional. It usually has children’s plays on the billboard and offers theatre courses in English for children from 5 to 9 years old.

Theatre for children Plot Point Madrid

  1. Ludoteca Veo Veo

Ludoteca Veo Veo is a playroom managed by experts in children’s education through the mode of play. There are camps, workshops, birthday parties and even activities for parents.

  1. Imax

Imax will give you the opportunity to experience cinema in a unique way thanks to its spherical screen, in which both 3D films and documentaries are projected. It is located in the park Tierno Galván, where there are Roman ruins, which may also be interesting for children.

IMAX movie theater. Photo by _sarchi via FlickrCC

  1. Gran Via

On Madrid’s Broadway, there are always options for the little ones to have a fun time. It is worth mentioning the musical of El Rey león, which has been performed at the Lope de Vega Theatre since 2011. Since it began, the musical has shown almost 2000 performances to more than two and a half million spectators who are always delighted whether they’re children or adults.

The Lion King. Photograph by Sheila Thomson via FlickrCC

  1. Verdi Kids

In the Verdi cinemas, in Bravo Murillo, they have a very nice opportunity for children: every Sunday at 11:30 am, they project a European children’s film, always emphasizing different values. An animation group, the Froggies, will entertain the children for half an hour before the start of the film. They also host school groups on weekdays.

Children’s movies. Photo by Sarah_Ackerman via FlickrCC

Outdoor activities and amusement parks for children in Madrid

  1. Search for the treasure by the river in Aranjuez

This original activity begins with a gymkhana of an hour and a half in duration, during which children have the possibility to explore Aranjuez thoroughly. After the gymkhana, the boat ride begins, which includes drinks for the little ones. During the journey along the river, the opening of the treasure discovered during the gymkhana takes place.

The Tagus river as it passes through Aranjuez. Photograph by Felipe Ortega via FlickrCC

  1. Warner Park

A trip to this park automatically makes you the best mum or the best dad in the whole world. Here your child can get to know his or her favourite Warner Bros characters. If you buy tickets online and in advance, you can get very good discounts.

Warner Park Madrid. Photograph by Tuscasasrurales via FlickrCC

  1. Madrid Amusement Park

The Amusement Park of Madrid has an incredible number of attractions that will make your children want to stay forever (and so will you!).

Amusement Park Madrid. Photograph by Jeremy Thompson via FlickrCC

  1. Aquopolis

This park is the star of summer. It has a children’s area and classic attractions such as the wave pool and doughnuts. This park will release our inner child.

Water park. Photograph by Michael Coghlan via FlickrCC

  1. Baby Spa Madrid

Many do not know that the little ones of the house, babies, also have places to relax such as the Baby Spa Madrid, where children up to 6 months of age can receive hydrotherapy and other treatments that will help them to develop in a totally natural and healthy environment. Baby Spa physiotherapists will be perfectly equipped, with their extensive professional knowledge, to give your baby the best treatment in the world.

Babies have a great time at Baby Spa

  1. Micropolix

The Micropolix is a 12,000 m² city designed for children. It has more than 30 different activities in which you can win eurix (the city currency) to spend in the different parts of the Micropolix. Children love it and even for their grown up chaperones, it is great fun.

Micropolix Children’s Park Madrid

  1. Ice Palace

This shopping centre has a children’s playground, a cinema, a bowling alley and, of course, an ice rink.

Palace of the Ice of Madrid. Photograph by Daniel Lobo via FLickrCC

  1. Multiaventura Park

In the leisure centre of Las Rozas, there are many fun attractions that parents and children will love. The most appropriate activity for all ages is mini golf, with 18 holes in 1500 square meters. Children will also like the trampolines.

Mini golf. Photograph by Scott Akerman via FlickrCC

Plans for children in nature

  1. Horseback riding for children in the Sierra

In the town of Dehesa del Guerrero, you can give children the opportunity to soak up nature in the best way possible: on horseback. The walks last a little over an hour and, of course, adults can also be part of the entourage accompanying the children. It is best to book online in advance.

Horseback riding is a great option to rest in the city.

  1. InsectPark

This park, unique in all of Europe, gives the opportunity for the most enthusiastic children to get to know firsthand some of the most exotic and surprising species of insects in the world. InsectPark is somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the town of San Lorenzo del Escorial. This is one of those places where children can have fun while learning about the environment.

In Insectpark children have the opportunity to get to know the animal world

  1. Madrid Green Nature

Madrid Green Nature is a venue that fits into the category of eco-leisure. Through activities as varied as storytelling, excursions, various workshops and crafts they explore the natural world and make it familiar to even the smallest children. You can look at their website to take a look at the varied range of activities on offer.

The tree room houses many of the activities of Madrid Green Nature

  1. Indiana Natural Recreation Park

This park, which is an hour from the centre, offers you the opportunity to get out of the city to enjoy some adventure, sport and nature. The park also gives you the opportunity to celebrate birthday parties.

Long zip lines in Indiana

  1. Faunia

Faunia is a natural area with different thematic areas where children can find Nemo and swim with sea lions.

Leones Marinos Faunia. Photo by Freebird via FlickrCC

  1. Zoo Aquarium

For children it will be like entering the movie Madagascar and, if they have not seen the film, they will enjoy it anyway, because who hasn’t always wanted to see a panda bear?

Panda at Zoo Aquarium of Madrid. Photograph by LWYang via FlickrCC

  1. Safari

The safari brings us closer to the animal world in a way that will make this experience unforgettable. You can see the animals from the window of your car while they are in their natural habitat. The star creature of the safari is without a doubt the rhinoceros.

Lion cub Safari Madrid. Photograph by Rafolas via FlickrCC

  1. Adventure Amazonia

Adventure Amazonia is an adventure park among trees where you can enjoy zip lines and many other activities. Inside the park, you will be informed about the special activities and promotions that they offer. This park also gives you the possibility to celebrate birthdays in its facilities.

Aventura Amazonia, adventure among trees in Madrid

  1. Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo is the largest park in Madrid (1722.60 hectares). In it, you can find many facilities, such as the Amusement Park and the zoo, mentioned above. This park offers the possibility of taking a boat ride, making use of its large number of sports facilities and even riding in the cable car, which connects with the Parque del Oeste.

Casa de Campo Madrid. Photograph by Kus Camera via BosqueCC

  1. El bosque encantado

This botanical garden is located in San Martín de Valdeiglesias and is unlike any other: not only does it have paths and plants, but it also has more than 300 shrubs trimmed with different shapes and distributed among their labyrinths. The children will love to identify the different beings, objects and characters.

El bosque encantado. Photograph by Almudena Larriba via FlickrCC

  1. Parque del Retiro

This central Madrid park stands out for its beautiful gardens, the Grande Pond (where you can ride in small boats), mimes and musicians, the Palace of Velázquez, the Crystal Palace and much more.

Lake in Retiro park. Photograph by Carlos Izquierdo Pérez via FlickrCC

  1. Madrid Río

The Madrid River is a great space where you can go with children and enjoy 10 playgrounds for all ages.

Madrid. Photograph by Rick Ligthelmvia FlickrCC

  1. Parque del Capricho

Parque del Capricho is one of the most beautiful parks in Madrid, but still a great unknown. The park has a great natural landscape and artistic wealth.

Statue of Bacchus in the Capricho Park in Madrid. Picture from dr_zoidberg via FlickrCC

  1. West Park

This park has lots of fun places for children who are interested in both nature and architecture. In addition to its winding paths and slopes, there are several points worth visiting in or near the park: the Moncloa Lighthouse (with breathtaking views of the city), the Temple of Debod (a gift from Egypt), the Royal Palace (the largest in Europe) and the Jardines del Campo del Moro (with peacocks).

Temple of Debod. Photograph by Vitorcius via FlickrCC

  1. Sierra de Guadarrama

The Community of Madrid has many tourist routes for hiking in Guadarrama, and several of them are adapted to families so that they can enjoy nature – children, elderly and even parents with buggies. In these cases, they recommend the Bourbon road of the Fuenfría (round trip in 4 hours), the path Formas (round trip in 4 hours) and Los Robledos (round trip in 3 hours).

Guadarrama. Picture by cristina fernándezvia FLickrCC

  1. Madrid City Tour

You only need to buy the ticket and you will be able to get on this bus in any part of its route, which will take you to Madrid to visit all the main tourist points. In addition to having audios for adults, there is a children’s version that explains fun details about Madrid on the two tourist routes they offer. The great advantage is that children will not get tired of walking so much.

Madrid City Tour Bus. Photograph by César via FLickrCC

  1. El Rastro

El Rastro is the biggest market in Madrid and is celebrated every Sunday and holidays in the neighbourhood of La Latina. In this market, which has more than 400 years of traditions, you can find all kinds of gadgets, learn the art of bargaining and enjoy the street performers.

Restaurants, magic and birthdays

  1. La burguesita

This restaurant with delicious burgers has a playground, an inflatable castle and different shows for the children, who can be entertained while the parents enjoy their meal. It has never been more fun to eat with kids outside. They also celebrate birthdays.

Burgers. Photo by Jennifer C. via FlickrCC

  1. The Magic Forest

In this immense place, you will not only be able to have something in the restaurant while the children play or celebrate a birthday, but you can also let them have a good time while you enjoy a good movie.

Kinepolis. Photography by Anna Ferrando Esteve via FlickrCC

  1. The Excétrica

With the slogan “Taberna atípica”, La Excéntrica offers typical Spanish cuisine and, in addition, a space called “La Excentrikita”, an area with games monitors that will entertain the children on the weekends while the parents enjoy the excellent food.

Tapa. Photo by MrPollardvia FlickrCC

  1. Neverland Velázquez

In the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca, parents can relax while their children have a great time. The famous chain of restaurants offers here more than 500 square metres of leisure activities for children. In addition, you can celebrate birthdays here.

Toy train. Picture by m01229 via FLickrCC

  1. El Rancho Kids

Take advantage of the visit to the river and the Calderón, Atleti fans should stop by this Argentinean restaurant, which has a children’s menu (with options for celiacs and diabetics) and invites them to participate in a contest drawing their ideal ranch. Parents can also enjoy various dishes which are predominantly meat based.

Argentinian steak. Photography of soyculto via FlickrCC

  1. Silken Puerta de América

Real Madrid supporters who are thinking of visiting the Bernabéu can take advantage of the opportunity to eat at this hotel on Avenida de América, which celebrates every “Sundays en familia”, with a buffet for all tastes. For adults, there is everything from traditional Spanish dishes to sushi and for children, pasta, cakes and hamburgers. The adult menu costs €40 and children from 6 to 12 years old €20. Children under five years of age eat for free and parking at the hotel is free of charge.

Hotel Silken. Photograph by M.Peinado via FlickrCC

  1. Teresa set the table

A little further north is this restaurant, which not only has a space to play, but also offers cooking courses for adults and children. They are specialized in breakfasts and snacks with American cuisine influences.

Little girl cooking. Photograph by Evelyn Lim via FlickrCC

  1. Lamucca de Pez

Those who are touring the centre and have hungry children can enjoy this restaurant with menus of the day for 11 euros, dishes designed for the little ones and space to colour and play. It is certainly one of the best dining options with kids in the centre.

Crayons. Picture by kev-shine via FlickrCC

  1. Janaguin Infantil

In this place, very close to the Plaza de Colón, children can recharge their batteries with a good snack while enjoying magic and illusionism shows. The fun is assured for the small price of 15 euros per person, with a snack included.

Magic. Photograph of Steven Depolo via FLickrCC

  1. Charivari Circus School

Most kids love the circus. This circus school in the heart of Lavapiés offers both family activities (from two people) and birthday celebrations full of acrobatics. You are sure to have a fun and unforgettable time.

Acrobats. Photograph by Léo Almeida via FLickrCC

We hope that this list of leisure with children in Madrid is complete enough to keep you entertained with children for a long time. Many of the activities we offer are free, but for all those activities that are paid, we recommend looking at the website, as they usually offer discounts and cheaper rates.

Header: Warner Park Madrid. Photograph by Tuscasasrurales via FlickrCC

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