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Travelling Tips

Share great experiences with your hosts by using Wimdu. Get to know each other and perhaps even create an international friendship. We work hard to ensure a hassle-free renting experience. To make the most of Wimdu, have a look through our Tips:

Complete your Wimdu profile

Tell us about yourself

Wimdu hosts often want to know who is going to stay with them. Therefore, you should use the opportunity presented to you by your Wimdu profile to tell people about yourself. Write about where you are from, why you enjoy traveling, what are your hobbies and what languages you speak. Sharing these things ahead of time can already help make your stay much more personal.

Use your network

If you already have a Facebook account, with a single click you can connect to Wimdu via Facebook. This can make maintaining your Wimdu profile much easier, plus you can see which of your friends has already used Wimdu.

Post a picture of yourself

A nice picture added to your Wimdu profile is the perfect final touch. Communication with your host will be more pleasant and comfortable, especially if you can also put a face to the contact. After all, this can create a fun and friendly atmosphere long before your arrival.

Plan your trip

Check who you're staying with

Look at your host's Wimdu profile. Here you can see if you have any common ground, and find out if you even speak the same language. Through Wimdu's messaging system you can ask questions and clear up a lot of potential issues before you arrive.

Double check the details of the offer

The pictures allow you to see a lot of what you can expect, but make sure that you spend some time looking at the house rules once you've checked out the description of the room. This way you can be sure that this is really the right accommodation for you. The reviews of former guests can also be a valuable indication of the quality of the host and their apartment offer.

Use Wimdu

Wimdu verifies the validity and quality of every host we list. We deal with the payment from you to the host and the transmission of accommodation information. Should a host attempt to work with you outside of Wimdu, please report the incident to our service team.

Enjoy your stay

Take a good look at the room

Wimdu sends the money on to the host only 24 hours after your scheduled arrival. If anything is not in order or not in accordance with what might be expected, please inform us immediately so we can work towards a solution. If anything in the apartment is damaged, make sure to document this with pictures to ensure that you are not held responsible.

Talk with your host about everything

Allow your host to give you a detailed tour of the accommodation when they hand over the keys. Now is your time to ask questions and get to know the host better. You may get some insider's tips on the town you are staying from your host. So enjoy your trip and travel like a local!

Give your host a review

Once your trip is complete, you should use the opportunity to write a review for your host. In this way you can not only deliver suggestions for improvement or thanks for your treatment, but also reassure future guests that your host is a good one.