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Seoul is one of the most important cities in Asia today; a non-stop metropolis of more than 10 million people. It’s a place where ancient cultures collide with modern technology; Walking through the ultra modern skyscrapers of Gangnam district, it can be easy to forget that this city has more than 2000 years of history behind it; until you turn a corner and are greeted by an ancient.

About Seoul

In the past 50 years Seoul has seen an unprecedented economic boom, known as the ‘miracle on the Han River’, placing it among the world’s most prosperous cities.

  • The city has an all night culture, with shops, markets and more that almost never close.
  • Seoul is located just 50km from the border with North Korea, the most heavily fortified in the world.

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Where to Stay

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Seoul is divided up in to 25 ‘Gu’ (districts), which are further subdivided into smaller areas known as ‘dong’. The city has a very reliable public transport network, meaning that wherever you stay you should be able to get around quite easily. Jongno District is at the heart of the city, and the place to go for history and architecture fans: Royal Palaces, Joseon Temples and the current seat of Korea’s Parliament are all located here. Visitors looking for a little luxury in their accommodation should look around Gangnam; one of the city’s most affluent districts, which remains pretty fashionable in spite of the song. Itaewon Dong is popular with foreign visitors, and is also frequented by the United States Soldiers who are stationed in Korea. The higher concentration of foreigners in this area make it considerably easier for those who don’t speak Korean, although English is quite widely spoken in the city. Visitors looking for nightlife or bohemian culture will be best off heading to Hongdae, the main student area.

Things to Do

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Seoul’s history, both ancient and recent, is one of the world’s most fascinating. The central area, to the North of the River Han which runs laterally through the city, is packed with temples and palaces, including the 13th Century Gyeonbokgung Palace and the modern Korean Parliament buildings. About an hour’s drive north from Seoul is the Demilitarized Zone, the border between the two Koreas. Here you can experience one of the modern world’s most pressing political issues first hand, looking across into the isolated Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. To get a little insight into Korean Culture, the Jongmyo Shrine is an excellent place to visit: a sacred site for the Confucian religion since the 12th Century. Insa Street, in the busy Insadong district is a great place to see what Seoul looked like before the skyscrapers started to appear. For a look at modern Seoul, don’t miss out the stunning spectacle of the ‘Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, where 10,000 separate nozzles fire water out of the River.

Eating and Drinking

Image of some of traditional Korean dish

South Korea is proud of its’ cuisine, and food is pretty central to the culture. Traditional restaurants can be found all over the city, many serving delicious set menus; saving you the confusion of ordering unknown dishes. Korean food is most often served as a main course with several accompanying side dishes, known as ‘banchan’, in the best restaurants the 2 dishes are carefully partnered to each other. The most famous dishes to try are Bibimbap - a spicy fried rice mixed with vegetables, sometimes meat, and served with a fried egg on top; and Kimchi, Korea’s national dish which is a fermented cabbage (much nicer than it sounds) coated in a delicious mixture of herbs and spices. Korea has a good range of national and imported beers. The most popular local drink is Makgeolli, a drink brewed from rice or wheat, usually 6-8% alcohol and sometimes flavoured with fruits or nuts. Soju is another spirit also traditionally distilled from rice or wheat, to be drunk neat.

Getting Around

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Seoul’s public transport system is efficient and for the most part relatively simple for newcomers to navigate: Station names are written in English as well as Korean and bus routes are colour coded for easy recognition. Most routes run until 11pm, with limited services running into the night. The cheapest way to get around in Seoul is with a prepaid T-money card, which gives a discount on all standard fares. Taxis are easy to find, and also colour coded: Seoul even has special ‘international’ taxis with English speaking drivers, these can be hailed in the street but are not as common as the standard taxi, so it’s best to book by phone if you want to guarantee this. If you plan to explore the region as well, There is an excellent high speed train network. Also, Seoul Incheon Airport is frequently cited as one of the best and most efficient in the world. From here, the best way into the city centre is via the Express Metro Line.

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8 Very good
October 2017
30 Minutes to Everywhere in Seoul

Lina was good. Everything described in the apartment corresponds to reality. the transaction for hiring an apartment went well, after payment I immediately received all the necessary data for access to the apartment. Lina is an anxious a...

10 Excellent
July 2017
Cozy RM, 1 min. from Gaerong Stat

Family welcomed me very well, they are very nice and if you are questions they can also help you. I have not negative points to say, all are good.

10 Excellent
March 2017
Convenient RM #7 in Univ Area

This only has a five star rating honestly it is not enough i rate this 20 stars. If you found this property then consider yourself lucky and you need to look no further. Propety is exactly as shown. Safe, clean, privacy, quiet, close to ...

Mohd Faisal
Mohd Faisal
8 Very good
December 2016
Double Room 50 m from Central Metro Line

Seriously I like this place a lot! Not only the location is good just 20 meters away from Hoegi Station and few meters away from our daughter's hostel, the rooms, the place are clean. The best part is the staffs especially Ms. Lea, her f...

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